Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A perfect late summer day

It was so nice, sunny and not too hot to run, but hot enough to sit outside. The dogs and I jogged for 75 minutes, then we hung out in the backyard for awhile.

And then I went to work and saw not one but two despicable tattoos.  One guy just had a swastika and some other minor stuff around it (a shabby tattoo altogether), but the other guy had this really well-done almost full sleeve of demons and flames surrounding a racist old-timey depiction of a black man, another swastika, and apparently some KKK symbol thrown in--I've just looked this up and it doesn't seem familiar, but I was too disturbed by the main scene.  The thing is, though, it was obviously a skilled, and likely expensive, tattoo...and just so so so wrong. It made me feel queasy.

It really threw me for a loop--I've seen loads of tattoos, including a bunch on old biker guys by the looks of it, including tattooed earrings, fingers, etc--I've seen so many tattoos that I've sort of stopped looking at them, I guess, and maybe a swastika or two has slipped by...but to suddenly see my first two in the day was shocking enough without the sickening grandeur of the sleeve.  Where the fuck am I?

Yeah, in the South, albeit in a region with a lot of Northerners and not much open display of racism...the biggest example is perhaps a lingering relic: most white people are on one side of town, while the other side has predominantly black citizens, but things are gradually mixing up.  However, I know that it's but a short drive to innumerable small towns and villages where not many people come or go, and some people are just not welcome.  I'll be wondering what lies beneath clothing, at any rate.  :(

Saturday, November 29, 2014


I've lost track, but there was a tempo run and a couple of 1:45 runs this week at least.

The tempo run was in a gym--I'm now a member of the fitness centre at work!  It's pretty nice, and super convenient.  I was on the fence about joining for weeks, and then I went for it a few days ago.  I hurt something in a shoulder lifting in my increasingly frigid garage, I got bored, I got an early day, I got a raise (not merit-based btw: everybody got it)...I'm still ahead.  They did ask for my primary care provider info, but that's N/A.  I haven't applied to be assigned one here yet, or whatever.  We're supposed to leave this summer; I can string this along for 6-7 months.  LOL.  Once I explained that I was a military spouse that moved a lot, I was allowed to join the gym.  However, I'm good on shots because I've been getting them from employee health nurses.  Perks!

Friday, November 21, 2014


Tues: just a walk.  I couldn't tear myself out of bed.

Wed: 1 hr run with the dogs, 20 min tempo run, and part of a leg workout.  My garage is so cold.  The metal burned in my hands.  The shaded concrete floor is a great cold sink, which helps in the summer, but it's sub-optimal when it gets below zero--which I'm digging, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to avoid touching cold metal.

Thurs: 75 min jog with the dogs.  TIRED

I've switched my iron supplement in the hopes that this will revv me up at least a bit.  Dunno.  (this song, btw, was on the radio late one night during my drive home...it's not usually the sort of electro/dance/?? I listen to, but it was the purrrrfect thing at the time.  Yeah, I went there! (sob)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Just want to GO

Saturday: I slept in (crashed hard), and then spent a bunch of time at the annual household hazardous waste event.  I didn't think it would take that long--I had to wait in the car for about an hour, I think, and I turned it off to not saturate the hazmat workers with CO, but I also had to keep the windows down because my household hazardous waste included some totally whiffy aerosol cans, but it was cold out and things got sort of frigid...I dunno, man, somehow my whole day was shot but at least I subsequently bought a cool pair of Adidas track pants for $12 at a second hand store, and since then, I've been wearing them whenever I haven't been in pjs or work pjs or actual running gear.  I love these pants!  They're going to fuse to my skin at this rate.

Sunday:  I was on call, and then I found a video of the 2014 Berlin marathon, perfect distraction for a long treadmill run, yeah, which DIDN'T HAPPEN. 

Monday: almost 2 hr jog, cut a bit short because we got soaked in a deluge and the dogs were like, NOPE, F this S!!! NOW.  Ok, that was me. 

I skipped weights because my clothing was too wet, but I did the Bliss workout (40 pushups and pike situps) tonight.

Tomorrow (because maybe I need to post my commitment for better results?): tempo run and weights.  Somehow, sometime~

Friday, November 14, 2014

chips at 2:00 am

There's just a small problem: I've run out of chips!  I had to stay late at work, and I hit my second wind...

At any rate, I have also been running, somewhat! 

Mon: 1 hr walk
Tues: 1.5 hr jog
Wed: 2 hr walk with dogs, tempo run on treadmill, leg exercises
Thurs: 2 hr jog, chest/arm exercises

Oh, yeah, I'm now on 2nd shift for real! Finally! Yay!  All that daylight is now mine!  It's amazing how much more pumped I feel at work when I have more time to get pumped before it.  True, I do have a 9ish pm lull, but I feel more alert on 2nd shift than on the daytime shifts.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Have I posted since Tues?  Thurs was the same...and Friday was easier, but horrible.  I was wiped by then.

I slept for almost 12 hours, then went on an adventure with the young dog.  We probably covered only about 8 miles total in about seven hours--we jogged to an event and met up with the dog rescue group who'd helped her, including two people who had fostered her, and then we jogged further into town and stopped for coffee, then we went to a chili cook-off, and then we went into the pub that hosted it.  Yep, the pub is dog-friendly, and has a great afternoon vibe.  I had a couple of pints of cider while the dog got loads of attention, enough to apparently bruise her tail (she must have whacked it against something hard).   I've walked/run/driven/cycled by that place umpteen times, but this was the first time I went into it--what took me so long?  I guess it's been a while since I've lived somewhere with a proper pub or bar or whatever--a particular type of drinking establishment, basically-where I can talk with people who have heard of epigenetics and Richard Henry Dana.  There are a bunch of cool people at work too, don't get me wrong, but there we have to, well, work. 

So I think I have the makings of a decent easy long run loop...if I can detour for a few miles in between the coffee shop and the pub, it wouldn't be too shabby distance-wise, and much more interesting than staying the woods or in the ditch.   Gotta reap some sort of enjoyment; gotta get back into the zone.

I slept for another almost 12 hours, and then attempted a long run today.  Called it quits just 2 hrs in, though, but then I went home and unblocked the heck out of a sink.  yeah! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Spring into Fall!

Yeah, I've been running more.  This past Sunday, I jogged 3 hrs with the dogs.  It wasn't bad, but I'd forgotten that special fatigue that sets in after a good long while.

Today, we ran for 1.5 hrs, the last 1/2 hr kind of hard--it was a solid run.  And then I went to work and we found out that the 2nd shift person was sick, so I volunteered to step in...ans my day ended up being 10:00 am to 11:something pm, with a two-hour lunch.  Not my longest day ever, but had I known, I wouldn't have run so much in the morning.  It was busy so I was on my feet the whole time at work except for 20 minutes for dinner.  My legs were aching by the end.

Hey, time on one's feet counts as ultra training!  YEAH!