Sunday, January 24, 2016

quick update

Plugging along, 3-4 baby runs per week...making it work on 4-5 hours of really good sleep per night. 

I'm still doing intervals, still following the couch-to-5K program, but last Tuesday or Wednesday, I got jaded and simply kept jogging.  10 minutes or so.  And then abdominal oddness (I guess I'm still healing) reminded me of the wisdom of intervals. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Learning to run!

I've "run" a couple of times since my last post, but now it's for real! 

I'm using John Stanton's couch-to-5K program; he calls it something else like "conditioning program" but let's get real, it's a couch-to-?? thing in this case, and I rather enjoy the visual of my golden-winged launch from a smoldering molten heap of polyfill.

I also charged up the Garmin for perhaps the first time since Kansas.  On the one hand, I want to go by feel; on the other, I need the crutch of structure and numbers now.  

Turns out ~9:30/mile feels darn fast now, but I'm still 20-30 lbs overweight and really out of shape.  It's not my plan to lose the weight quickly (I'm a human dairy with one really ravenous customer), but I long to regain fitness.

Therefore, couch-to-5K.  This week, it's 7 X 1 min run, 1 min recovery.  I guess I'll do this every second day.

Saturday, December 26, 2015


I ran!

It had been so long that, not only had I forgotten the password to this account, but also the associated email address.

I'm still ~20 pounds too heavy for running and I jogged only four short intervals, and it felt like herding cats, but also so nice. There was a lonely moment or two; I was with the dog, but without my son for the first run in awhile.  These bittersweet moments are already cropping up, the firsts without him sloshing about, punching my bladder, etc.  They grow up so fast!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My last run ever

Actually, I'm being dramatic. 

I'm sad because I've wasted some nice cool weather, and disappointed that I couldn't keep up running until the end, but I have to take a break.  Maybe if things feel and seem better, I'll try a short test jog, but ego seems to be the predominating beneficiary these days, and there are other dogs to feed.

My last run for a while was last week.  3 X 3 minutes, and I was going for five repeats at least, but my right foot was hurting again, and my left foot was starting to follow suit.  I have simply become too heavy and I'm not getting enough sleep.  Perhaps, given enough time, my body might adjust to the increased load, but I have just six weeks to go.  

Six weeks of elliptical perhaps and then umpteen weeks of ?????!: very boring blog probably.

Monday, September 14, 2015

A tale of two blue grapes

#1: freshly squeezed grapefruit/spirulina/? blend from a local vegan raw store.
#2: electric blue Powerade knockoff/chemical warfare byproduct? from a local gas station.

I am presently drinking the latter.  There are other electrolyte replacers in the kitchen, but sometimes electric blue grape hits the spot.  However, I also have my own spirulina powder and could mix some of it into this stuff...maybe tomorrow.

However, I did not employ this dilatory attitude to running.  Last night was the last of two slightly cooler nights, which meant that this morning was only 20 C.  I had slept poorly once again, somewhat soundly but in 1 - 1.5 hr increments only; I didn't want to move but I really didn't wish to waste 20 C.  Otherwise regrets would have kept me up tonight, with my luck.

I decided to do 5 X 4 min jog intervals (the usual 5 min seemed too daunting).  Unfortunately, the kid was still on my bladder, but I got somewhat used to it.  4-4-5-5-1.5.  Yes, I shortchanged myself but it got to that certain point of NOPE.  Whatever!

Hopefully, I can stick to 4-5 min intervals for at least another week.  Meanwhile, prenatal yoga everyday--I try to do an actual routine but sometimes I just hit the floor and do some poses.  Whatever!

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Sleep has been fragmented and elusive this week, but I have a bit of a reprieve: cooler temps!  Highs in the low 30s and lows in the low 20s...actually, 19 for the next two days. 


This is very helpful because I'm usually awake from 3ish to 6ish am.  Yep.  Some nights I'm productive during this span, others I waste on anxiety and/or indulgent web surfing.  Listening to "sleep-promoting" music or meditation doesn't help, listening to lectures sometimes does; last night I simply accepted the inevitable and listened to Leviathan and Galaktikon and then fell asleep in the midst of some album by Persephone.

At any rate, I need some slack getting outside afterwards while it's still relatively cool.  Skipping that last sliver of sleep isn't optimal, not when I've had just 3 or 4 hours beforehand. 

Yeah, sleep has been an issue for a while, and some nights are rough, but I seem to be adapting.  Is this good preparation? Who knows?

Fortunately, this morning was agreeable.  I was awake for a shorter span, 4-6 am or so, and I woke up shortly before eight feeling surprisingly refreshed.  When the dog and I hit the pavement, it was still only about 24 C, and so we tried out a new loop.  25 minutes total of running, plus walk breaks.  These days, that's a victorious long run!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I haven't run for a week because my foot was sore.  Stuff gets sore now and then, and unless the pain is sharp and/or seems to proclaim a reoccurring issue, I usually run through it.  However, I'm now heavy and sort of loose-jointed in general (thanks, relaxin), and I didn't want to mess around, particularly since I could feel it while walking.  I stretched and did more yoga--it felt like things were sliding slightly out of joint, so it felt possible to ease things back into joint and keep them there.

Fortunately, it's gone now and I jogged a bit on the treadmill this morning.  4 intervals, each the length of a different music video.

Which leads me to a long-delayed shout-out: hope you're doing well, Old Free Treadmill.  Prior to our move, the TM rode away in a Habitat for Humanity truck along with Old Free Dining Room Set and Friends, and hopefully it's now helping another family get/keep fit.   Now I'm using a treadmill in the fitness room of our apartment complex.  Wish they had fans there, but it's still considerably more comfortable than running in a Southern garage without A/C.

As for running sleep has horrible this past week and I just can't get up and out before 7, ok 8, and the weather hasn't been cooperative either.   Slightly hotter slightly later morning temps haven't been a big deal for walking, but running is a different matter.  I need all the help I can get! Fortunately, the weather forecast actually promises sub-23 C later in the week.  I can't remember the last time I felt that outside.  I'm hoping to wake up before the sun, open the windows, and air out the place...and then have an enjoyable run.

9ish weeks to go!