Saturday, September 20, 2014

puppy's first run!

Well, it was just a couple of minutes or so on sand (gotta be gentle on growing puppy joints).  It was really nice to run outside, albeit uncomfortable with a leash in each hand.  I guess I'll be training too.

That was Thursday morning, a slightly cooler morning, but still hot and humid enough to set off SVT.  First time in months, I think--I'd forgotten how effective a cardio workout it is!  5ish minutes is plenty at 230 bpm.   It's like the best HIIT routine ever.  LOL

Friday: walked and chest workout (just one rep--I was still tired).
Today: long walk into/out of/about town with #2, and shoulder workout

I feel guilty because I was going to take dog 1 to the dump this morning (ok, that sounds bad, but he enjoys the ride and the smells), but I got out too late and decided to go straight to town with #2, and take #1 on a nice run tomorrow.  Unfortunately, it'll be hotter than originally forecast: low of 19 C, high of 31 C.   Can't take the heat anymore, and the dump's closed tomorrow.  Hopefully #1 won't feel too shafted. 

Fortunately, after tomorrow...knock wood, fingers crossed...:)  I need some cooler weather!

Meanwhile, I've at least made some progress on my power cleans--I filmed myself for several weeks to fix flaws, etc, and now things are feeling darn tight (even though my max is still 20 lbs less than last summer, but I'll get there).   Appropriate soundtrack (though it's not quite as good as the version I have in my collection but, hey, it comes with some cool graphics.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Well, I ran today, 15 min on the treadmill.  It counts!  The past week or so has been rough but the worst is over and the countdown has finally begun: even better, it's 2XX days to go, and not 3XX.  In order to withhold mid-tour leave, they have to keep the deployment under nine months, at least in theory.

So I have nine months to finish up some household projects (but not that certain sort of nine-month-long project, rather painting rooms, replacing fixtures, building rock walls outside and other landscaping...).  And I have a new job, although I'm presently still going through the new hire process.   It's another OR job with employer-supplied and laundered scrubs, oh, yeah (honestly, it'll be a sad day when/if I get a job that requires me to take care of what I have to wear to work).

So, lots of changes, lots and lots of lost sleep (I don't sleep very well while my husband is in transit), but now things are settling down, hopefully, and I can thus proceed to tire myself out in a duller fashion to make time go by more quickly.

It took me about a week to get back into running, I think, but I have done some of Z's workouts, and I moved almost a half-ton of rock yesterday, and again today.  It didn't seem to be as much as it is.  If I've learned anything from the backyard projects, it's that rock and water are rather dense.

Sort of speaking of which, the koi pump failed while we were at the beach, and my last koi died :(  She was 18 inches long, and a fish that size generates a lot of waste, so filtration is necessary.   My plan is to consider the pond a water garden from now on, although it's also a tadpole nursery.  Maybe I'll throw in a little goldfish, something so small that it wouldn't require filtration in 1000+ gallons given enough plants and biological substrate: hey, little buddy, you're totally free to be the fish you were born to be!  

Anyway, I'm going to get back into some sort of routine, but that might take a week or two.  Meanwhile, I'll continue working out and walking the dogs.  As for's sort of a chore here.  Meh.  But the heat is finally easing up, and only 2XX days to go!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

! :) ! :) ! :)

Yesterday, 1/2 hr run with #1, and lots of walking.

Today, more than two hours' walk with both dogs--I would've run but my husband is out fishing today, and so I couldn't leave #2 behind alone because she'd whine.  This wouldn't matter at home, but we're at the beach!

Even better, I took them out as the thunderstorm was leaving, and we stayed dry until we waded in.  5 minutes after we got back to our hotel room, the rain came back.  Perfect timing!

There was also a beautiful moment this morning.   It was about 1/2 hour into our walk, the sun was barely up but behind clouds, and the beach was practically deserted.  We passed three people during the first hour, that's it, and laid down about a couple of miles of solo (well, trio) footprints) on unmarred sand.  Actually, there was a really cool juxtaposition of texture, the spiky storm-pelted sand against the smooth swoops of the fresh tide...well, anyway, we were wafting along all alone.

And then the clouds parted for a coral pink light just as the breeze swung into our faces, bringing with it an exotic and poignant scent.  I have smelled the sea here quite a bit--there are few surprises left amongst the smells of the Outer Banks, and possibly all unpleasant.  

This scent, though, made me think of the Mediterranean, not that I've ever been.  It's how I imagine it, like one of those 17-18th century golden-lit baby blue seascapes (without the probable tinge of human effluvia), like a combo of fresh sea air and light floral perfumes, like Venus rising from the surf.  Crisp sea water with delicate blossoms.  It was intoxicating.  

I inhaled this scent until my olfactory nerves were fatigued, and we walked on, blissed out.

About 40 or 50 minutes later, I realized that yesterday's efforts to rinse out my sea-soaked running clothes with fresh water and soap may have been unexpectedly unsuccessful.  I started to smell myself again, but just sweat.

But, for a glorious coral-pink tinged while, I was Venus.

More than an hour later, Venus may have shattered the beauteous illusion with a whispered F-bomb when someone's two loose dogs trotted over.  This was close to 9 am (way past the "it's so early, nobody's out" free off-leash time*), and in a clearly-designated on-leash area.  "Oh, but they're friendly!"  However, the treasures of the sea are capricious, if not cruel.

Fortunately, this person then leashed their dogs and the properly restrained greetings were exchanged a few minutes later.  One simply does not scamper willy-nilly over to Venus' minions.  I am no longer Venus, but I'll think of the dogs as Venus hounds from now on, just for funsies.

* for example, we hit the beach at 6:30ish today, and there was a loose dog, but it wasn't an issue at all.  Generally, people who are willing to bring their dogs out earlier are better handlers.  

Saturday, August 30, 2014

weekly round up!

The heat is a cage around my core.  A malevolent beast with its jaws around my neck.

I spoke too soon about the reprieve of fall: no longer in sight after all.   I'm starting to get really cranky--I got cabin fever--I'm going to have to take some time off this blog.  Tues, high of 37 C.  What is that crap?  A big lumpy ball of monkey-flung excrement slowly sliding a greasy line down the prison wall?  I mean, there are rules.   Gross hot long summer climate = amazing tropical fruits and sights and smells and adventures, right?  I should be sipping free tea in the midst of haggling for fine cotton, or eating strange things in a night bazaar....

Instead I get to accidentally eat gluten again.  Wednesday's gluten-free hamburger bun must have been toasted on the same rack as the normal buns :(  

Therefore, the week has sort of ended on a brown note, but the dogs and I just had a nice walk at least.  Evening walks can be iffy these days because there isn't much time between sub-30 C and sunset, and we don't have the safety of sidewalks, but night time is the right time.   I get to see bats and the two toads that hang out in front of the garage in the evenings (and occasionally get inside).

Meanwhile, I'm going to keep up with the walks and the weights as best as I can, and I'll check in next time I actually run outside.   Promise!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I was so pumped for a refreshing run this morning, the first outside run in way too long, but--

Yeah, I got out a bit later than I'd hoped to, about 7:30, and by then it was already 19 C.  Which isn't bad, but it was too humid to be comfortable.  

Still, baby steps.  3ish miles, then shoulder exercises.   And tomorrow morning is supposed to be "cool" too.

At any rate, I'm grateful for the dip in temps: it has been inspiring.  I signed up for two races over the fall/"winter"*  I wasn't going to bother with races for a while, but then one of the race directors told me that the first race will be more of a party....

And then I figured that would help me get into better shape for the 2nd race, which is also kind of party-like as well.

The trick is to pick the right sort of race, I suppose!

*really, down here, winter is just more fall. 

Monday, August 25, 2014


A fair bit of writing in RL = less blogging.

Anyway, last week: 2 tempo runs, 2 leg days, 2 shoulder/back days, 1 chest/arm day, some yoga, lots of walking doggies.  And we stepped over a snake one day!  Sometimes I find it hard to see them due to the light, so by the time I get to them, I gotta commit and just keep going.  This has happened a few times--fortunately, just with the harmless black snakes!!! 

Yesterday = nothing.  I felt weak.  Last week was humid and hot--the hottest day was 36 C--and it wore me out.  Even just walking slowly made me sweat through my clothes.  I tried to replace electrolytes but I was feeling more and more light-headed and whatnot.

This morning, though, was only 17 or 18 C!!! the high is only 27 C!  Such a big difference.  The dogs and I walked for 1hr20, almost 6 miles...lots of hills but the breeze felt cool and we kept going (also, I missed a turn).  And then I did a tempo run on the TM (20 min), and then chest day.   That's the easiest weight routine, but the most precarious--I have chalk, but the garage is so hot that I worry about losing my grip on the weights, especially during the dumbbell bench presses.  I haven't come close to dropping anything on my face, but it was such a nice change to not worry about slipping this morning.

The low is supposed to be 16 C...I might even run outside tomorrow! 

It's not going to last.  The highs will be back around 34 C in a few days, and Sunday is supposed to be 36 and rainy too, so that humidex is going to be 40-whatever-awful....but it feels like summer is starting to crumble. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Yesterday: walked, walked, walked, stretched, and shoulder day.  The last walk was on the TM in the evening--I tried to see how fast I could push myself without sweating too much.  Answer, not fast and I needed that 2nd shower after all.   I'd be better off walking a bit further or faster with the dogs outside.  Tire them out a bit more, and maybe catch a breeze.  The evenings outside can be nice.  The temp is still in the high twenties, but the sun is down, and the streets are very, very quiet.   This wouldn't matter much in a city, but here there is a lot of distracting monotony and no sidewalks.  Yeah, that I'm here already? where have I been? zone.  Not so bad when walking, but not so good when trusting drivers (or when those upcoming turns come so quickly...yeah, I don't trust myself either!). 

Today, walk, 20 min tempo run, and leg day.  Another walk and yoga in the evening, hopefully.